Our Story

Hello Mamas, Friends and Babes,


Welcome to My Harlow Bow, my name is Kristy I am the creator behind MHB and Mommy to Harlow. She was born in 2018 and she was born with very little hair and as a first time mom I really struggled finding cute hair bows and more importantly comfortable ones. The idea soon sparked to create bows for ages from newborn babies to little girls as I found were much needed, and since then I have been creating, designing and working hard to bring you what is now My Harlow Bow.

Our store now specialises in beautiful bows for little girls I am sure you can tell as you have found your way here to our website (and Thank you for been here) ♡. I am passionate about hair accessories and extremely enthusiastic about creating bows for what we call 'The Prettiest Little Girls'.

We are based in South Africa and I personally have always had a secret love for bows and pretty little things, I know anything can be super cute by just simply placing a bow on it, I generally refer this to gifts such as birthdays and Christmas, but hey, what's a more precious gift than our beautiful babies? So why not put a pretty bow on your most precious gift too. I have created this store for the sole purpose of making beautiful bows for your babies and little girls.


I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!